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The AAEVT Anesthesia Society** strives to promote excellence in the discipline of Equine Veterinary Anesthesia. Any member of the AAEVT who wants to expand their expertise, skill and knowledge in the area of Equine Anesthesia can become a member of the Anesthesia Society!

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From On-demand CE to scientific papers and timely news, we've got all the current resources in one place for you to keep on top of the latest trends in Equine Anesthesia.

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Opt-in to an exclusive community Chat Room to ask questions, share tips, discuss techniques, and learn from each other in a safe space just for equine veterinary anesthesia assistants and technicians!

Equine Anesthesia Masterclasses

Monthly live AAEVT Anesthesia Society webinar series, "Today's Triple Drip," brings industry experts and peers together to learn about current techniques to elevate our understanding and practice of Equine Anesthesia.

Premium Anesthesia-Focused CE

The AAEVT Anesthesia Society organizes two continuing education Events per year, hosted at elite practices around the country. Topics and labs range from beginner to advanced, with a total focus on Equine Anesthesia. Registration opens early for Society members as a benefit for being a part of our Anesthesia Society!

Become Certified in Equine Anesthesia

The Society will provide a process by which AAEVT member technicians and assistants may become certified as "qualified with excellence" in the field of Equine Veterinary Anesthesia. These individuals will demonstrate superior knowledge in scientifically – and humanely – based techniques of equine veterinary anesthesia.

Ready to become the Expert?

We can help you build a comprehensive working knowledge of Equine Veterinary Anesthesia care, from the newborn foal to the aged equid. With a multitude of resources, you will be able to correctly understand, communicate, train and mentor others, utilizing the knowledge required in the performance of all tasks and duties as an equine veterinary anesthesia technician. Areas of Expertise include:

  • Pre-Anesthetic Assessment
  • Anatomy of the Equine
  • Laboratory workups
  • Anesthesia Prep
  • Pre-Medication & Sedation
  • Analgesia
  • Induction and Intubation
  • Positioning for various procedures
  • Maintenance of Anesthesia
  • Maintenance of Equipment and Care of Machines
  • Knowledge of how Anesthesia Machines work
  • Monitoring
  • Supportive Care
  • Blocks
  • Drips, CRI
  • Special Procedures (eyes, MRI, etc.)
  • Recovery
  • Foals
  • Complications
  • Emergencies
  • Pain Management – Acupuncture
  • Post Anesthesia
  • Donkeys, Mules, Zebras, Mustangs
  • Professionalism

I do what I do for the love of the horse. I cannot express enough how much knowledge I get from the meetings. I also use all the resources the AAEVT membership has online. I really appreciate the AAEVT and Anesthesia Society, I would not be this far and knowledgeable without them.

Kristin Baker M.S., B.S.

Veterinary Assistant / The Woodlands, TX


In the past two years that I’ve been a member of The AAEVT/Anesthesia Society I’ve enjoyed learning from the instructors and fellow members, both online and in person at events. These experiences have been both humbling and motivating. I’ve learned amazing information and clinical skills in these past two years that I’ve incorporated into practice and use it daily.

Tiffany Piechota

Veterinary Assistant / Houston, TX


I worked as an anesthesia/surgery technician 28 years before I retired in 2021. Quality CE was an issue...until the AAEVT, and now the Anesthesia Society, came along! With a lot of hard work and effort, this organization has brought the value of educated technicians and assistants to the forefront. I am proud to be a member of the AAEVT and a board member with the Anesthesia Society.

Sally Schwartz

CVT / Oconomowoc, WI

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** A Society is a group of individuals who have a common interest and passion for a topic or field of study. It does not have the capability to credential. It can offer RACE approved CE, it can offer certificates of completion, and it can offer criteria for required study should a member wish to receive recognition of completion and a certificate. By being a member you are not required to achieve this more advanced level.

Any member of the AAEVT who wants to expand their expertise, skill and knowledge in the area of Equine Anesthesia can become a member of the Anesthesia Society!

The AAEVT Anesthesia Society’s Mission is:

  • To advance the education & professional recognition of AAEVT members who display excellence in & dedication to providing superior anesthesia care to the patient

The Society’s Objectives are to:

  • Promote advancement and a standard of excellence of anesthesia practice for those certified veterinary technicians/ assistants involved in equine veterinary anesthesia.
  • Establish advanced levels of education and experience prerequisites leading to certification in equine veterinary anesthesia.
  • Examine, certify and recognize AAEVT equine veterinary technicians and/or assistants as specialized team members in equine anesthesia.
  • Provide mentorship, instruction, scientific and hands on wet lab/presentations, resources and other contributions to knowledge relating to equine veterinary anesthesia.
  • Educate the equine veterinary profession and industry on the value of advanced education and certification of the equine veterinary technician/assistant in equine veterinary anesthesia and the employment of these individuals.
  • Educate the public on the benefit of the contribution of an AAEVT Equine Veterinary Anesthesia Society member in performing anesthesia in the equine practice.
  • Promote continuing education and dissemination of knowledge relating to equine veterinary anesthesia.

FAQ: What is the (optional) Certification Process?

The AAEVT Anesthesia Society has created a process to examine, certify and recognize AAEVT-member equine veterinary technicians and/or assistants as specialised team members in Equine Anesthesia. Once all of the following requirements have been satisfied, the AAEVT will certify participants as having completed the AAEVT Anesthesia Society Certified Equine Veterinary Technicians/Assistants (AEVT/AEVA) program. This certification will be held with the  AAEVT only and will be recognized by the AAEP. 

* This certificate does not qualify members as licensed, certified, registered, etc. by the various states, AVMA or NAVTA.

Step 1: Accumulate Experience and Continuing Education

  • Accumulate a minimum of 4,000 hours (2-years) of work experience in equine veterinary technology (clinical or nursing-based), with at least 75% (3,000 hours) dedicated to anesthesia of the equine patient, within the last three (3) years prior to submitting your application package.
  • Complete a minimum of fifteen (15) RACE approved continuing education (CE) hours related to equine veterinary anesthesia within the last three (3) years. Approved anesthesia CE meetings and programs will be posted under the Events page on the AAEVT website.

Step 2: Provide Documentary Evidence of Advanced Competence in Equine Veterinary Anesthesia

  • Maintain a case record log of five (5) cases that you have worked on within one (1) year immediately preceding the submission of the application.
  • Include a minimum of five (5) acceptable cases demonstrating management of the equine patient under anesthesia, mastery of advanced veterinary equine anesthesia skills and reflecting a broad spectrum of case types.

Step 3: Obtain Letters of Recommendation

  • Obtain two (2) letters of recommendation from eligible individuals: an AAEVT Anesthesia Society Instructor, a VTS-EVN, or a veterinarian who is an AAEP member or a veterinary Diplomat from the ACVS or ACVA, currently employed in equine practice.

Step 4: Submit Application Package

Step 5: Review and Examination

  • Once received, your application package will be reviewed for approval. You will receive notification within three (3) weeks of receipt of your application.
  • Once reviewed and accepted, you will receive an invoice for the $100.00 Application Fee to be paid online. Note that your application fee must be paid in full before you will be scheduled to sit for your in-person exam.
  • In-person Exams are held each year at the Annual AAEVT/AAEP Conference and will be scheduled with you directly by the Anesthesia Society Chair.

Step 6: Post-Certification Maintenance

  • Once Certified, you must maintain an annual membership with the AAEVT ($70), the AAEVT Anesthesia Society ($25) and Certification Dues ($50).
  • You must also provide proof of eight (8) RACE-approved anesthesia-focused continuing education annually to maintain status. Verification of CE needs to be submitted to the Society Chair Person by January 31st for the previous calendar year. 

For more information about the AAEVT Anesthesia Society, please contact our Executive Director, Wiss Costanza: wcostanza@aaevt.org  (254) 255-1143

Please direct any questions regarding the AAEVT Anesthesia Society Certification to our AAEVT Anesthesia Society Chair, Lindsey Schoelen: lschoelen@aaevt.org